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U : USHER : 8701

I Don't Know Lyrics

I Don't Know

Don't know

All my niggas take a walk wit me
U ain't gotta holla,u can talk wit me
Try to learn where my thoughts could be,and how I stack figures
Learn why I'm real,still that nigga
I get money I ain't gotta do a crime,shit
I hit dimes what I need with a 9
Before y'all judge me be clear
We got nothing but heat here
Beware, we here
Whats my name? got chicks twisted like what's my game
Pimp thing still the same I smash it,i don't harass it
Ma,im a baller I score and pass it
Feel me,still me,filthy
Making hits is a crime i,plead guilty
And this is what we came to do
Party,diddy,usher,game is thru
Come on

(usher) (verse 1)
Its right 'round 11 o'clock,one of your girls just called
Asked u how u look,are u ready
U tell her u look hot,not to worry at all
Niggas will be shook u doing it heavy
Shes telling u she might change but u tell her not to,surely she looks stunning
It'll be fun
The club will be full of game but none of that has got u
Me I think your runnin' 'cause I'm the one

I don't know what u came to do girl
What u came to do tonight
But I came to party,oh ohh
I don't know what u came to do girl
What u came to do tonight
But I came to party,oh ohh

U're probably thinking to yourself what's the occasion
And belive me girl I don't just search for fun
The perfect gentlemen at every situation
And the only thing thats missing is the one
Is it u? ?


La la la ghetto girls,la la la suburban girls,la la la international girls
U smell me

(verse 2)
Had to take the time,to open up yo mind
Its exactly what u
U got the mesmerizing grind
Your shape should be a crime
Damn baby your a star
Your smokin'



(ad libs)


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