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Twork It Out Lyrics

Twork It Out

Ad lib-
Yo, check this here- there's nothin that I'd rather do than spend time with
You- so why don't we just chill and make it cold,cold sexy, you know- you sure
Lookin' right- spend some quality time- you make me wanna cha, cha ,
Cha,ah,cha,cha...- yeah right there, jus' keep it right there...- and I know
Your'e gonna like it- ooh baby, you sure love to...- know what I'm sayin'-
Verse one-
We been hangin out everyday this week- how bout a nigga fix you something to
Eat- and jus chill- we ain't gotta wild out jus chill- parlay little momma
Right here- sippin on chardonay- slip on that vicky secret lingerie- cause i
Ain't tryin to throw my money away (on the streets)- if I could see you twork
It out for me
Tworkin it out- layin in the cut- kissin and rubbing and making sweet love-
Damn the club tonite- let's twork ot out- it'll be just me on you from 11 to 6
In the morning- I know you like it when I do you like that- let's twork it out
Verse two-
Now that I got you all soakin wet- I bet you know what's comin next- i'm
Gonna twork ti out- aw baby let tell you how- what do you think about me-
Tworkin it out from your front to your backend- kick back and relax come sit on
My lap shorty- tonite I'm takin you all the way- won't stop until you scream my
Chorus (2x)
Morning is coming and I don't wanna let you go- let's just lay here in this
Bed of red rose pedals- I know that we're spent but- one kiss can make this
Start all over again- if you want it baby then come with me
Verse three-
It's way too treal- the way your'e making me feel- the way your tworkin is oh
So sexy- ooh baby you sure love to ball- it's way too treal- the way your
Making me feel- the way your tworkin is oh so sexy- ooh baby you sure love to
Ad libs-

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